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Demo’s tie for the wedding just came in the mail!👔

Happy 4th everyone!🍻🇺🇸 (at The Stewart’s Place)

Ended our backpacking adventure with some good ol’ fashioned diner food😋🍔🍨 and a kiss for a lucky cow.💋🐮 (at Country Girl Diner)

Pooped.💩 (at Prospect Rock Trail)

#fromwhereistand… We all need a bath.🚿 (at Lye Brook Wilderness)

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One more stop by Prospect Rock to say goodbye.🗻 (at Prospect Rock)

at Lye Brook Wilderness

So much beauty in so many small things.🍒 (at Lye Brook Wilderness)

Happy to finally be on the downhill slope.😂 (at Lye Brook Wilderness)

Back on the trail and headed home.👣👣 (at Lye Brook Wilderness)

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USMC veteran
born in Chicago, IL
living in New Haven, CT
engaged to Garrack
mother to an angel - Kaden
Quinnipiac University student
future farrier and Equissage therapist
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